Dedicated Hosting or Cloud Hosting? Choose The Right Hosting

What is Hosting?

To host your website or blog, the content of the site has to be stored in a server, which is accessible to the visitors of the website across the globe. Till 1991, if somebody has to host a website they have to own their server and store all the content of the site on the server. In 1991 CIX (Commercial Internet Exchange Association) a group was formed to regulate the process of hosting service with the goal to provide internet access to everyone without any restrictions. From then on many companies have started offering hosting services, such as Shared web hosting service, Reseller web hosting, Virtual Dedicated Server, Dedicated hosting service, Managed Hosting service, Colocation web hosting service, Cloud hosting, Clustered Hosting, Grid Hosting, and Home Server.


In general, the webmaster or website owner should decide which type of hosting service to be used, depending on the kind of the site, content to be stored, traffic expected, etc. We will see the below two types of hosting which webmasters would prefer to use.

Dedicated Hosting:

As the name suggests, a separate server will be allotted for you to hosting your site; you have to be familiar with hosting of the website as you are on your own going to set up everything to make your site live. The server, CPU, memory and Traffic are not shared with anyone, and you are the only one to utilize all the service of Dedicated hosting.

As a separate server is allocated to you, it comes with a cost. In general, the Dedicated Hosting plans are little expensive when compared with other hosting services. If you feel you are not sound in hosting of websites, it would be better if you would employ an IT person to handle the hosting part of your site.

If you are planning to host a website where you would expect more traffic, something like an e-commerce site, dedicated hosting would be an ideal choice.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting is a pretty new concept, which is working on Cloud computing technology. In this hosting as the name suggest your data will be available in the cloud, which means there is no physical storage of data in one particular server. Instead, your data would be available on multiple servers in multiple locations. The advantage of being in a cloud is that it is highly scalable, and you can pay only for what is used.

For example, you predict that you would be expecting huge traffic only for a particular duration of time like any festive season, In this scenario, you can scale up the performance of your servers by paying more only for that given period.

The downside of being on a cloud is that, as your data is stored on multiple servers across different locations, there are chances of the attack on your website content, even though this is highly debatable topic across the globe, there is always a concern of security of the content and the site. As it is a new technology, you should be aware of what you are doing or instead it would be better to take help of the IT person.

Which one to choose?

After having analyzed the pros and cons of the hosting services, it’s now the webmaster has to decide which type of hosting to be selected for his business scenario.

The dedicated hosting service is suitable for websites which are expecting more traffic something like E-commerce sites, you have full control of the server and hosting such as memory, CPU, traffic, etc., all these features comes up with a cost which would be more than the other hosting services.

On the other hand, the Cloud hosting is suitable for websites or blogs which are expecting moderate traffic. If you are new to web hosting and you want to give it a try, then you can choose to host on cloud hosting, which is comparatively less expensive than dedicated hosting.

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