How To Install WordPress in BlueHost Indian Server – Step by Step Guide

How To Install WordPress In BlueHost Indian Server

How To Install WordPress In BlueHost Indian Server

If you are reached from search engine to this page then I am damn sure you have a website and looking for a guide to install WordPress right?

You have a domain, unable to host your link? Or not sure how to Host the files into your servers? Regardless, I am here to help you on the steps from this guide. That’s pretty good thing to begin; everyone starts at same place!!.

Every online business we need two basic things one is domain and the second one is the host, right? What is a host? Or how you choose the best host with many options are available in the market?

We recommend for our readers to choose Blue Host this article for a newbie, to learn how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting. Check out our in-depth Blue Host review.

Overview Bluehost India

Endurance International Group owned by BlueHost India, this group is an owner of multiple web-hosting providers including HostGator, A Small Orange, and ResellerClub. For Indian Bloggers community, ResellerClub is a standard option because it’s headquartered in Mumbai, India.

BlueHost India gives you high-performance servers and support. In short features aspect is impressive.

The Benefits you get is the payment made in Indian currency, better support options because being in an own country, more affordable hosting plans and less latency.

Hosting a Website

In simple terms, the host is nothing but hard disk for your computer. It stores all your files like content, videos, images and text files related to your website. Hosting is a process of uploading sites, content into the web server.

How To Install WordPress In BlueHost India Server

Self-hosted WordPress is the best platform to start blogging. But here we are discussing Bluehost WordPress Installation guide.

Bluehost has standard cPanel hosting with Fantastico; this is the easy installation process, and I would recommend a newbie to use this option. So, I would assume you have Bluehost account, and we continue to ahead this tutorial.

For WordPress, it perfectly fit into Bluehost hosting, and this hosting met all pre-requisite steps of WordPress. If you have any second thought how it fit into WordPress or not, for my suggestion go for it no need to think of a second thought. It handles traffic quickly with shared and VPS hosting.

So, let we start the tutorial for a newbie to teach something new today. Login to Bluehost account and click on hosting tab on top, to get insights inside cPanel.

How To Install WordPress in BlueHost Indian Server

Scroll to see Website Builders > Select Install WordPress in the list, it takes next level.

How To Install WordPress in BlueHost Indian Server

On next screen, you know the WordPress Installation pop-up, and it leads to the next page to change.
On next page, select the domain which you have to install WordPress:

How To Install WordPress in BlueHost Indian Server

In the above screen, you have the option to select your domain with www or without www. Last year they had introduced shorter URL, so I would recommend for my readers to go without www getting this option in the dropdown.

Click on show advanced option:

In this step, you can select WordPress username and password for login. But make sure not to select as a default option like admin as an username, choose your username and complex password to protect from the hacker.

How To Install WordPress in BlueHost Indian Server

On the very next page, it starts WordPress Installing and doesn’t close page until and unless it’s in processing. Almost it takes up to 1 minute to install your WordPress blog in Bluehost.

How To Install WordPress in BlueHost Indian Server

Once all the steps were completed you got a login and password to your registered email address which you have login in WordPress dashboard.

Un-check other options right now once if you install WordPress successfully then you install the plugin and themes later.

At last but not least, just accept the license agreement and complete the installation process.
It takes few minutes to complete your WordPress Installation.

Final Words:

Hurray! That’s it, See? It’s not so hard to install WordPress website in the bluehost india, right? In the above, I made you clear about each and every step to explain in details. If you follow these steps, then your job is done, congrats.

If not, Please click the below link to purchase our BlueHost India Discount Coupons then we will able to install and guide your website for free.

Do leave comment and questions in the below section, I am happy to answer your queries.

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