How to Start a Blog in Budget? Complete Guide

How to Start a Blog in Budget Complete Guide

How to Start a Blog in Budget Complete Guide

When I start a blog for three years before I need to search on the internet “How to start a blog” but I didn’t find a complete guide. So, I need to create one for new bloggers.

Showing interest on this keyword, I assume that you are far-reaching about blogging and learn each bit of piece to working hard and learn blog.

But how to start a blog for free or start it from the paid services, which one is the best for the newbie. Whatever question which you have in mind, this article gives you a bright idea.

I got this idea after getting inspiration from my readers like YOU to write this article.

When I started this journey, I don’t know where I need to start. I have been where you are right now and have the same set of questions your have.

This article gives you an exact direction how you need to go based on my experience to build this successful website. Just you need to implement these steps to make your blog much bigger than my blog.

Read this last article about how to start a blog and take necessary steps. I am here to help your blog journey in the right way.

This article will assist the readers who have started blogging to reinvent or need to start a fresh blog. It helps both of the readers to start a career in blogging.

Need a Blog?

This is the general question when we start online blogging career.

My experience blogging is boosting online business in any industry. Three years before I never thought I have been starting as an online career in blogging. But when I decided to start blogging a reading lot of blogs and gain more information.

But that this point, you are searched thru search engine like ‘how to start blogging’ or ‘how to start a blog’ this article is for you.

Blog, this one single word gives me more enjoyable movement in my life like ‘Money + Time.’

Benefits of Blog?

What are the benefits we will get when we started a blog? Always people are thinking to start or purchase anything they need to look into the benefits first.

• Money, Time freedom
• This is the platform to boost your online business.
• Identified your interest and passion
• Get money on your skills
• Become authority in online market
• Strong relation with customers and readers
• Writing articles on your own
• Educate your users about new products/services

These points are just a sample benefits, but you will get more benefits when you are a blogger.


In this article, I am going to write my experience, not anything other than this. Please read each and every point very carefully to become a next leading blogger.

#1. Personal Interest

Getting lot of calls and messages like need to start a blog, which topic I need to write? My dear readers before starting anything please ask some types of questions within you and clear with your answers.

• Do I have the passion for this subject?
• Do I have knowledge of this topic?
• Can I write the topic without getting bored?
• These topics get more audience?
• How often should I blog?
• Do I need an email list?
• How I monetize my blog?
• What’s the best hosting?

Once you have enough answers to the above questions, then you will start a Blog.

Choose Blog Platform

You had answers to your above issues and decided to start a place to share your ideas and thoughts. Which is the best way to started? Based on my experience is the best.

But you heard about; this is very different from The names look like same, but options and limitations are very different. Please take some attention to make sure which one I am talking about to discuss here.

But you get tempering to select free blogging platform Blogger – everyone like free?! But in our case free comes your downsides. Blogger owned by Google, and you don’t have any control on your blog it may shut down at any time from Google.

We recommend starting with blog, and this is standard in the industry not change. The number of tools, themes, e-commerce solutions, designs, and marketing software options works with are flawless.

Choose Domain Name

For Domain Name, this is your first expense to start your online business. But for free domains, it looks like unprofessional things like or It’s ready to go with a customized domain with the sweet and short name of your blog.

Choosing domain name is the challenge for any new blog. You need to choose unique, and it reflects what you are writing on your blog.

o Use .com domain if possible and easy to remember, standard for blogs
o Avoid numbers, hyphens in domain name; people gets confused
o Short and memorable are always good
o You can buy the domain from DoGaddy, Namecheap, etc. it costs up to $3.95 annually. When you purchase Bluehost as hosting providers for your blog, then you will get free domain name, this saves both of your money and time.

Purchase Blog Hosting

After you have purchased the domain, it’s time to choose blog hosting.

Your blog has texts, images, videos, plugins and much more….these are store in hosting. A hosting is an online server and helps you to get the information of your search data.

On the internet, there are several hosting are available free hosts and paid hosts. If you want to earn money from your blogging, then go for paid hosting and I would recommend going to Blue host. Please click the BlueHost Review link to get more insights.

If you are not able to earn money from your blogging, then go with free hosting.

I would suggest my loyal readers to go initial stage with free hosting then convert into the paid one.

We wrote an article about BlueHost India Review, but if you kept things simple and started right away, I would recommend BlueHost Hosting.

A good hosting company is an important for your new blog.

Bluehost is the reputed hosting company that WordPress and I would recommend, cost just $3.49 / per month. Beating this hosting, customer support, and uptime reliability are impossible.

Responsive WordPress Theme

Once you purchased Domain and hosting, the next money you have to spend for your blogging journey is custom WordPress theme. There are thousands free WordPress themes are there with pre-installed, but I would recommend going with the premium theme for a look and feel.

More and more blogs are starting every day; we need to stand out from them based on the quality design to make blogging success. Premium theme looks professional even your blog is new.

Once you selected the WordPress theme to go with Genesis Framework, this helps you to custom child themes.
Child Theme + Framework combination works great, and you are not lost any custom settings during sites updates.

Some important plugins work only in Genesis Framework.

I have used Genesis Framework and child theme for all my blogs.
I always used to purchase child themes from the sellers who have attractive and useful support. I know some of them bought beautiful themes from unknown designers who have poorly coded and little theme support. I always recommend purchasing from trusted source like below:

1. StudioPress: Genesis Framework Creator is StudioPress, and they sell child theme in their store, it’s well coded and good supported.

2. MyThemeShop: MyThemeshop is an incredibly, rock-solid theme with a lot of customization options. Favourite themes like Schema, Splash, etc

When you are choosing child theme, look the general structure, layout of the theme. Colours, logos can change, but it’s difficult to change the overall structure and the design.

Basic WordPress Plugins

Now you have a custom child theme and need to install essential WordPress plugins. These plugins allow your blog to add some features without the mess with any code. If you have added more plugins, it affected site loading speed and security.

But overall plugins is a great functionality to your blog; you need to install only below required plugins. Here are few plugins which I have used for every blog.

1. Akismet – This plugin reduces spam comments
2. Yoast SEO – Standard for WordPress SEO plugin. It helps original structure for your blog post and gives a boost the ranking in search engine.
3. W3 Total Cache – This is caching speed up your site. You need to check with your hosting provider to set up this plugin. This is a complicated plugin and doesn’t configure on your own.
4. Related Post Zemanta – Related Post plugin gives that after visitor reads an article they will see different related articles in your website to read if they interest.
5. Genesis Simple Share – A lovely plugin adds social sharing buttons to your posts and pages. It works in Genesis Framework.

Real Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Google related tasks we need to set up for your blog. The basic one is Google Analytics account and its industry standard blog traffic reporting. This is the powerful tool to get insights about your blog traffic, site activity. At the beginning of your blog, it’s necessary to create an account and start tracking your blog activity and page views. Advertising partners needs to ask about the stats of your blog if you want to sell.

It’s very simple to get the google analytics code, create a Google Analytics account with your existing Gmail id and get the analytic code and paste it into your blog and save it.

How to Start a Blog in Budget Complete Guide

The second section is Google Webmaster Tools; this tool tells Google for your content post and your site information to get rank for some specific search terms. There is no need to change any code on your blog, just add the sitemap in your account. This is a .xml file to make an index for your blog and post on your website; I recommend you to add in Yoast SEO plugin.

Necessary Site Pages

About US Page

One of the most trafficked pages on any site by new visitors is About US page. Peoples are interested to know more about you and your blog. Take some attention to creating this page with fun, engaging and interesting on your site.

Privacy Policy Page

If you want to earn money from your blog, then you need to add this type of standard policies into it. Google requires this for AdSense program or any affiliate to make sure accept the law.

Contact US Page

This is one of the important pages to engage with your readers to connect a simple way to communicate with you. I would recommend creating a separate page with embedded form or just create simple instructions.


Wow! That’s it! If you think blogging cut somewhat, dry from the outside but there would be a ton of work involve like setting up, promoting and running. But it’s not impossible; I am like you as an average person. Neither have business or marketing degree, but I jump into it and learn from the bottom of my heart. And today I get to my dream working at home and spending a lot of time with my daughter. It could be you someday too.
No matter how well is your English, irrespective of about your knowledge about the subject, the first thing is to start writing and reading.

Take help from friends and know more about your niche, start to browse on the internet to get fresh ideas.

Thank for your patience to read this article, I can’t wait to see what are you do to your blog – wears your blog shoe and start running!.

Maybe I have missed something, could you please mention it in comments below. Always hear good from your side.

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